Nicholas Hockensmith

April 11, 2014 - nickhock

Designing My Blog

My Design Process

For this blog site, I initially had no clue how I wanted it to look.

I wanted my layout to be simple, yet engaging. I didn’t want a theme that scattered my information and because it is a blog site, I wanted everything to revolve around my articles. I wanted my color scheme to show who I am, so I had thought a strongly contrasting complimentary color pair on a black background with the content highlighted in white would give the blog a eye catching appeal. Because my favorite color is orange, I thought that would work perfectly.

It took me a couple days to find an idea for the theme structure.

After browsing over many themes and looking through many different web design blogs, I finally found the style I wanted to emulate. I had work comparatively from of the design I found until I created a design that was truly my own. In the end I had created a theme that supported 3 columns, the first for recent posts, the second for holding the main content and the third for showing post dates, categories and any other links I find relevant.

I finally finished the theme!

In the end, I came out with a theme that is perfect for my needs. I think the color scheme I chose worked well and turned out beautifully. The plugins I used make the entire site come together just the way I had imagined and complimented the theme flawlessly.

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