All Healthy Portions Program

Easy to follow structured weight loss system for busy lifestyles.

If your goals are to lose weight, increase your energy and achieve optimal health by reducing cholesterol, blood sugars and improving digestion and antioxidant function for cancer prevention you have found the right program! For long lasting fat loss and optimal health use our guide to help you follow these essential guidelines without spending hours in the gym, kitchen or behind the computer counting calories.

1) Eat less food (calories) than your body needs to maintain your weight
2) Get AS MANY of your vitamins and minerals as you can by eating the recommended servings from ALL of the food groups AND eat nutrient rich foods low in sugar
3) Limit the amount of saturated fat you eat for a healthy heart
4) Eat adequate fiber
5) Limit sodium intake
6) Make sure your macronutrient ratios are within the recommend ranges for your weight and health goals
7) Eat adequate protein to prevent muscle loss while losing weight
8) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for optimal antioxidant consumption and cancer prevention
9) Stay hydrated

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Plans Overview

BRONZE system: ALL HEALTHY PORTIONS hard copy book and ebook, Food and activity journal

SILVER system: ALL HEALTHY PORTIONS hard copy book and ebook, Food and activity journal,12 days of bars, 14 days of shakes

GOLD system: ALL HEALTHY PORTIONS hard copy book, Food and activity journal, 12 days of bars, 14 days of shakes, 2 month supply of pharmaceutical, grade supplements, Vitamin D3, Omega fatty acids,
Multivitamin, Probiotics

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