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About the Owner

David Rouse has been working with metal since 2004. He got the bug by working in a sculpture studio while attending Webster University as a studio assistant. He would spend a lot of the time alone in the studio because no one else would be working, and all the chores were done, so he had a lot of down time.

One day someone left a "How to Weld" pack from the Sculpture One class, so he began to read through it and started to teach himself by playing around with fire and metal. One evening the sculpture proffessor came in while he was working and asked what he was doing? He sheeplishy answered, "welding?" She showed him the correct techniques and the rest was history! He enrolled in several metal classes the next semester, one of which was blacksmithing.

"Custom Metal Designer and Fabricator Forging Classic Techniques with Modern Design "You envision it, I can build it."

Mission Statement

To blend traditional blacksmithing and modern techniques to create One Off Designs for my clients and myself.