Trans-Siberian Orchestra is a band fusing rock music with classical, often on chistmas songs. Most of their releases have a central theme with 3 of them being Christmas based. One is based on what may have happened on Beethoven's last night and another is about a man's hope for redempdtion follwing war crimes. They have also released 1 EP, a live DVD, and a few other cd's.

The main members of the band came from the metal band Savatage and developed shortly after the Savatage release titled 'Dead Winter Dead' and one track from that album is also on the debut release for TSO, which is "Chrstimas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24".

They primarily tour during the winter for about 2 months during the holiday season. In recording of the cd's they use a certain line-up. When they tour, the divide themselves into 2 touring companies, East and West versions, then find others to fill in the gaps from the split. This way they can do so many shows in such a limited time frame. Certain stops will include 2 shows on a single day.

TSO have donated proceeds from ticket sales from each show to a local charity, typically presenting a check to the local charity on stage. Charities to include children and military based ones.