The following gallery will give you an idea on how the concerts look like in terms of assistance and the selected members of the group who sing in during the concerts. Enjoy watching them!!!

In this photo we can see them rehearsing before the concert. (Photos courtesy of Marta Irene Seguinot-Torres, who was present in the concert and specially invited by Val and Max Mace). Concert at the South Asian Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

During this concert they congratulate Victor A. Maldonado Seguinot and Valery Wyatt respectively for their birthdays at the end of October. They sang the famous "Oh Happy Day" hymn interpreted in many ways, but nicely executed by Tim David and the group.

Director Max Mace lifting up a prayer for people in need, suffering with health issues, etc.


These are a few of their soundtracks and albums.



This is the second Spanish group founded for the

Heritage Español.