Lets Talk about COLOUR

  • Forbidden Color combinations are something every designer need to have available to their clients. Unless your client see it for themselves they will want to use those hideous colors throughout their website.
  • Dos and Dont’s of Colour  This is the original article for the above link but I thought the forbidden colors it deserved to be highlighted alone. I great article unfortunately the Flash application and HP colour wheel links don’t work.
  • 50 Best Sites  where overwhelming to look at all in one sitting but as a reference it has a lot of value. My top three favorites are Colourlovers which is amazing and intense, Colors on the Web has several functions to create palettes from your hexadecimal number or randomly with the spinning color wheel, and finally Kuler is by far my favorite go to palette site.
  • Introduction to Color article provided on WebDesign Tuts is a great beginning resource. It explains and gives examples which reinforces the topic.
  • Colors in Corporate Branding and Design addresses the color value in branding using large corporate America companies as examples and incorporates rules of thought for all designers to use.

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