Take to the stars again in 2017 for another action-packed, fun-filled, adventure with the Guardians!

He’s back…Thanos! How did he return? Why is he back? And what does the appearance of the galaxy’s #1 threat mean for our rag-tag band of universal protectors?

While the Guardians of the Galaxy watch over the newly resurrected and imprisoned Thanos and Nova pursues the false Quasar, the Magus and the Universal Church of Truth tear open the Fault (opened at the end of the War of Kings and previously sealed by Adam Warlock). Monstrous creatures emerge from the Fault and are confronted by the Kree and Shi'ar armadas, Galactus, the Celestials, and other cosmic beings. Among the invaders is their leader, Lord Mar Vell, who is an alternate version of Captain Marvel. Mar Vell kills the Magus for failing to locate Thanos Mar Vell, himself, is the de facto leader of the extradimensional Cancerverse -a metaphysically unbalanced dimension where Death itself has been completely banished and Life runs rampant, like a cancer -and seeks to spread his dimension's plague of "undeath" to all other universes.

Mar Vell is the avatar of Life, and Thanos is the avatar of Death. Because of this, the battle will only be over when one of them destroys the other. While Star-Lord leads the Guardians and Thanos into the Fault hoping to locate Lord Mar Vell, Lord Mar Vell scours the Marvel Universe for Thanos.