About Me!

I returned to HCC to obtain my degree in 2014. When I graduate, I will have an A.A.S. degree in Web and Multimedia Technology, a certificate in Web/Multimedia Development, and a letter of recognition for Graphic Design Technology – Computer Graphic Artist. I work full time at CitiMortgage as a technical writer/web designer. When I accepted that position, I had never used Dreamweaver or had any type of web design training. Even though I was trained on the job, I wanted to fully understand what I had learned. That is when I made the decision to return and finish my degree. The more classes I take, the more I realize I made the right choice. I have LOVED all of my web design classes. I will be able to graduate after the Fall 2016 semester.


I have worked at CitiMortgage for over 11 years now. I started as an escalations agent in Customer Service. I answered calls from agents who needed help with an account or had a customer requesting to speak with a supervisor for two years. After that, I worked as an account investigator in the Research Services department for five years. I worked with customers who were requesting to release a portion of their property, usually for acquisition by a government agency in lieu of condemnation or eminent domain. Since then, I have worked as a technical writer in the Documentation Management department. I develop and maintain policy and procedure manuals for the various departments.


Outside of work and college, I am the proud mom of a talented and smart daughter. She is currently in the eighth grade in the S.T.E.M. magnet program. She is an artist, plays volleyball, plays the saxophone, and is in the National Honor Society. In the little bit of free time I have, I enjoy traveling and watching movies.

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