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Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland
Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland

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Richard Vreeland, better known by his stage name Disasterpeace, is a US composer and musician. He first got started in music after learning the guitar in high school and started writing music around the age of 17.[1] Known for his work as a chiptune artist, Vreeland stepped into film score composition with the 2014 film It Follows.

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Vreeland composed Fez's chiptune-esque[2] electronic soundtrack. Despite his background in chiptune, Vreeland limited his use of that genre's mannerisms in the score. He worked with soft synth pads and reverb to push the score closer to an 80s synthesizer sound. He also reduced reliance on percussion and incorporated distortion techniques like bitcrushingand wow. Vreeland opted for slower passages with varying tempos that could "ebb, flow, and breathe with the player".[3]He left some portions of Fez without music. Vreeland worked on its soundtrack at night for about 14 months while scoringShoot Many Robots,[3] and Brandon McCartin of Aquaria contributed the game's sound effects.[4]

it follows

In 2014, Vreeland produced the soundtrack for David Robert Mitchell's sophomore film It Follows, after being approached by Mitchell, a fan of Vreeland's work on the video game Fez.[5]