Copyright is for loosers©™

No one knows much about Banksy, but Banksy's populatiry has grown throughout pop culture. Banksy's stencils feature striking and humorous images occasionally combined with slogans. The message is usually anti-war, anti-capitalist or anti-establishment. The artwork made quickly caught attentions of the masses and began adding equity to buildings, ships, and cars that Banksy had painted on. Banksy however, remains anynomous and does not collect the money and awards. Banksy was contacted by a publishing company for permission to print the book "Wall and Piece"and he choose to reply with his trademark "Copyright is for loosers©™"

Graffiti is noticed as a destructive form of art which defaces personal property. Graffiti artists use the canvas of the streets to speak a message with free of charge admission. "They say graffiti frightens people and is symbolic of the decline of society, but graffiti is only dangerous in the mind of three types of people politicians, advertising executives and graffiti writers"-Banksy

Criminologists James Q Wilson and George Kelling developed a theroy of criminal behavior in the 1980's that became known as 'Broken Window Theroy'. They argued crime was the inevitable result of disorder and that if a window in a building is smashed but not repaired people will walk by thinking no one cares. Then more windows will become broken, graffiti will appear and rubbish will get dumped. The likelihood of serious crime being committed then increases dramatically as neglect becomes visible.


"When the time comes to leave, just walk away quietly and dont make any fuss" -Banksy