Amazon Dash Button Lets You Push to Buy.

by ckorrellon 2015-03-31 10:58:09

Amazon is bringing its one-click ordering system to everyday life with the introduction of the Amazon Dash button. While the thought of pressing a "Tide" button on your washer to re-order more detergent may seem like an early April Fool's Day joke, Amazon said the service is real and will be rolled out to Prime members on an invitation-only basis. Amazon: Secrets of an Online Giant Why FAA Drone Regulations Are a Blow to Amazon Tesla Technology Extends Beyond Cars The buttons will be branded with some of the most common household products made by participating brands, letting users easily re-order Huggies diapers to Gillette Fusion razor blades. Each Dash button comes with adhesive so it can be stuck in a convenient place for when it's time to reorder. The buttons only respond to a single press, meaning that you won't have to worry about any trigger-happy kids accidentally ordering 50 rolls of paper towels. The battery-powered buttons work by connecting to a home Wi-Fi network. Users then use their Amazon app to set up their buttons and what they want to order (for instance, what size of diapers). From there, all the have to do is press the branded button for the product they want to re-order. After a Dash alert has been sent, Amazon will send a notice to the buyer's phone making it easy to cancel if they want to change their order. If the customer presses the button when they are running low, the goods will then be delivered to them just in time so they never run out of a particular household product. Amazon Dash buttons will be free for Prime members but will be rolled out on an invitation-only basis.