Another world, another time. In the age of wonder...

Rediscover this fantastical story first released in 1982. Audiences were captivated by a production with an entire on-screen cast of puppets brought to life by Jim Henson, master puppeteer and director. Maintining the integrity of the original film, but utilizing modern-day movie magic and a live cast, famed director and producer, Chris Columbus, recreates The Dark Crystal for a new audience.


A Timeless Story with a Modern Twist.

The theme behind the story of The Dark Crystal is universal even though it takes place in a world unlike this one. It is a story of good versus evil, a quest for peace and a hero's journey to right all wrong. Film-goers forget they are in a theatre and are taken along with the hero on an adventure of a lifetime. This is movie making at it's best.

The unique characters that beloved Jim Henson introduced to us over 33 years ago have been ressurected by a team of talented computer animators, an award-winning cast and production team. By the end of production, it will have taken 6 years to complete - a journey of it's own. The original film from conception to release, took nearly the same amount of time.

"Jim would be extremely proud of this film.", said Frank Oz who was a director of the first making of The Dark Crystal and was a consultant on this production. "I know if he was with us today, he would have remade it himself. This was a true passion for him."


The Dark Crystal: The Journey of Jen

(Beware of Spoilers!)

The adventure takes place one thousand years ago after a magical crystal that harnessed the power of the planet's three suns is cracked and a single shard is lost. Two new races were formed after the catastrophic event- the cruel Skeksis and the gentle Mystics. The Skeksis have since ruled and used their evil forces to drive away the Mystics and to destroy a peaceful elfin race called Gelflings.

Now, the land is dying as are both races. Unless the crystal is healed with the lost shard, the planet will disappear into the realm of evil.

After the Mystics were driven away by the Skeksis, they took in an orphan boy Gelfling named Jen. Jen is raised by the Mystic Master who reveals on his death bed, that Jen's destiny is to fulfil the ancient prophecy and heal the crystal. He is told to seek out the shard of the crystal at the home of Augrha. So, in an effort to make good on his masters last wishes and to save the planet, Jen sets out into an unknown world.

Meanwhile, the death of the Mystic Master simultaneously coincides with the death of Master Skeksis as the two races were once one. Without a ruler, the Skeksis conduct a deul to see who will become the new Emporer. The loser, a Skeksis named Chamberlain is stripped of his belongings, shamed and cast out.

Jen's journey is underway and he reaches the home of Aughra, an old and crotchety but wise creature. She teaches Jen about the Great Conjunction - when the three suns are alinged. The shard of the crystal must be put back into place before the Great Conjunction or all is lost. Having chosen the shard, Jen continues on his way and toward his destiny.

During his travels to find Augrha, , Jen meets Kira, another Gelfling. She too believed that there were no other Gelflings left on the planet. Like Jen, she has been raised by a clan other than her own after the Skeksis killed her parents. The two Gelflings set out together not knowing that they arein grave danger. The Skeksis, seeing a vision of Jen in the crystal, have sent out their monstorous soldiers to kill them. For they know that it is a Gelfling that will bring them to their doom.

The Gelflings reach the castle, but Kira is soon captured by Chamberlain who is desperate to prove his worth within the group of Skeksis. Kira is taken away and preapered to be drained of her essence in order to restore the youth of the Emporer. Bound to a chair in a dark chamber, Kira uses her powers to call creatures to her rescue before her essence can be taken.

Jen makes his way through the castle, racing time as the Great Conjunction nears. He discovers the room where the Dark Crystal hangs suspended in the air. He is ready to fulfil his destiny, but soon the room is filled with the remaining Skeksis who think that they will now live forever. Jen sees Kira across the room and shortly, so do the Skeksis. Chaos breaks out as the Skeksis try to capture the Gelflings afraid of the prophecy coming true. Kira is caught in the middle and stabbed. At the very last second, Jen is empowered to drive the shard into the crystal- healing it and bringing demise to the land that was once torn apart.

As the castle crumbles around them, the Mystics enter the crystal chamber once again, the two races are made one. They praise Jen for his courage and bring Kira back to life. All is well.