Birth name: Laura Mixon Story

Born: September 5, 1978, Augusta, Georgia

Genres: CCM

Occupation: Singer-songwriter; Worship Leader; Women's Pastor

Laura Story first came to my attention in 2011 when I heard her song "Blessings" on the local christian radio station. I was captivated by her style and her message in the song. "What if Your blessings come from raindrops, what if Your healing comes through tears..." This really struck home with me because at the time, my husband was disabled and was not getting better. The prognosis was terminal and death could be expected. We just didn't know when.

Laura Story's Story

Just out of college, Laura Story started out in a band called Silers Bald where she played string bass. She eventually moved to electric bass and then started singing vocals. About this time she tried her hand at songwriting. When Silers Bald was about to sign a deal with Essential Records she felt that she needed to do something new, so she toured with folk-rock artist Andrew Peterson for a year. During this time her manager was trying to convince her to to record a solo album of her own songs. She felt her vocals weren't strong enough for a solo album and at that time she didn't have enough songs for an album.

By 2002, she had enough songs and producer Stephen Gause trusted that the last song that she needed would be provided. God provided that song when Laura was driving down a mountain road and her eyes were fixed on the majesty of the Creator. The song "Indescribable" came from that experience. Then artist Christ Tomlin recorded the song for his 2004 release, Arriving, and the song then flew up the AC charts.

In 2005, Laura released her second independent album "There is Nothing" and married her high school sweetheart, Martin Elvington. She moved to Atlanta, Georgia to become the worship leader and women's pastor at the Perimeter Church.

After a year of marriage, her husband was dianosed with a brain tumor, ending up on a breathing machine in the ICU. Today, she reports he is at about 75%, but is still recovering. Laura continued to compose songs during this time and her songs show the richness of God's love and support during the hard times.

“It’s hard to understand why God would allow us to go through this, but I know He works all things together for good, and I feel my new album is reflecting that. Though He leads us through valleys, that’s when we get to trust Him and draw closer to Him all the more. Though I’ve doubted, His grasp has never released, never slipped. He’s remained completely faithful to me. He has proven that He really is my foundation and my hope.”

Laura has been nominated for many GMA Dove Awards, but she won the categories of Inspirational Album of the Year ("Great God Who Saves") in 2009 and in 2012 she won Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year for "Blessings". That same year she won a Grammy Award for "Blessings".

Today, Laura continues writing and singing music and is still at Perimeter Church in Atlanta. Her music continues to bless me.