Main Courses

What to Expect

Using the links in the areas at the left you can get a brief description of each of the major core courses of this program. Each link takes you a page with a description of the class with student work you can look through and in some cases play with. See what you'll be learning to make if you become a student in Simulation and Digital Entertainment at Hagerstown Community College.

SDE 102 - Multimedia Authoring

Basic Flash Animation Class Learn more.

SDE 104 - Game Programming 1 & SDE 205 - Game Programming 2

Programming in a 3D Environment Learn more.

SDE 130 - Intro to OOP

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Learn more.

SDE 201 - Multimedia Algorithms

Mobile App Development Using Actionscript Learn more.

SDE 203 - 3D and Advanced Animation

Animation and Design in a 3D Environment Learn more.

SDE 207 - Multimedia Project Development

Class Revolving Around Projects Learn more.