“I want to be a game developer”

If someone had said this to their friends or family members 30 years ago, you might have been asking your friend to set up a small studio in his basement where you and 5 of your buddies would be spending hours at a time piecing together sprite art and cranking out code on an Apple III plus.

Luckily, the days of creating scrappy code on floppy disks in stuffed rooms are over and no longer are video games made by a skeleton crew of friends cramped in a messy basement. The video game industry has overtaken Hollywood in terms of revenue and, according to Forbes, is on course to surpass a value of 87 Billion by 2017(Forbes). The true face of the video game industry, is that video games and video game tools surround our everyday lives. From a simple Facebook game that a busy mom may spend 10 minutes a week on, a small iPhone game to play around with while waiting on a bus, or a Pixar movie on an airplane. Even the military utilizes video game development. Programmers and artists from all over the industry join together to create the most authentic combat and flight simulators to prepare troops, both foreign and domestic, for any combat situations they may encounter.

game developing class

Although the stigma of video games and the cliché image of gamers may persist, the real world of the video game industry is diverse, complex and fiercely competitive. What better way to prepare yourself for entry into this enriching field than by joining the Hagerstown Community College Simulation and Digital Entertainment (SDE) program.

After joining, students begin immediately with hands-on programs that prepare them to branch into which ever field interests them. Whether a student wishes to train as an artist, designer, or developer, the SDE course of Hagerstown gives them a taste of each field and helps each person find paths into their desired career choice.

Hagerstown Community College (HCC) is constantly in contact with employment institutes in order to introduce their students to a variety of pathways into their perspective field; whether those pathways are internships, job fairs or simply acquainting students to experienced veterans within a given industry. HCC holds this standard to all departments, and the SDE program is no different. Instructors will provide hands on, focused teaching on game development software such as 3DS Max, C++, Alice, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Flash. Throughout this course, students will begin building a detailed portfolio designed for entrance into this exciting, passionate and artistically driven industry. With the continued growth of video game development studios in Maryland, there is no better place to start than Hagerstown Community College.

Stay close, Go far.